I also offer additional options that extend my core services, these are for athletes of national and international level, or with that potential. In addition, personal training for athletes and sports people who want to take their fitness to higher levels for recreational and fitness benefits.

Personal Training

Offering personal strength and condition training, whether for track and field, or other sports that require the acquisition or enhancement of power related fitness.

The sports and areas of expertise I specialize are;

  • * Track and Field
  • * Weight Lifting/Power Lifting
  • * Rugby
  • * American Football
  • * Baseball
  • * Basketball
  • * Tennis 
  • * Golf (See related articles)
  • As well as the above, personal  fitness training for better health and general vitality. 


Biomechanical Analysis

Using the most up to date Biomechanical Analysis software available, detailed information is made available to the client. Where inches/centimeters make a difference at the performance end of the sport, this approach to improvement is a given. The coach/athlete has access to the most detailed information regarding body position in space and time, and more importantly, hard data on accelerations of the implement and all body segments.

Physiological Testing

As with the Biomechanical Analysis Physiological testing gives the coach and athlete access to detailed information regarding the athlete’s level of readiness to throw far, particularly strength, power and speed, all essential to throwers. The type of tests that I can provide is in two categories;

1. Throws Specific Field Tests

These tests are simple tests that determine the athlete’s current levels of strength, power, speed, and throws specific fitness.

2. Science Based Tests

These tests are conducted using scientific methods and matched against established norms for throwers of all ages and abilities.

In both of the above, I produce a detailed report with advise on training programming that will benefit the athletes ability to improve their current levels of performance.


Jumps Coaching

I also coach the (Horizontal)  Long and Triple Jumping Events

High School Level ONLY


High Jump



I am currently developing and recruiting athletes to be members of the the 2016/2017 training group. There are high jumpers working under my direction training for state, national and international standard competition in 2016,










Long Jump

Coaching Offered

High School Level ONLY


Triple Jump

Coaching Offered

High School Level ONLY