Group Coaching Sessions

Session Details

The group sessions are conducted throughout the year, including the school holidays.

The sessions are structured and are designed to the needs of athlete’s level of proficiency and physical development. The focus of the training will depend on the time of the year, and the athlete’s individual goals, which will be accessed and agreed upon with the coach.


• Warm-ups and warm downs
• Throwing of various implements including the competition weights
• Running and sprinting
• Coordination exercises
• Technical training – Occasionally Videoed
• Medicine ball throwing
• Strength Training

Session are held Saturdays and Sunday mornings, Also during the week days vary.

Throwing Events

Shot Put/Discus

Also introduced or available are the Hammer Throw and Weight Throw.

Jumping Events

Long Jump

Triple Jump

High Jump



Cost varies depended on the frequency of training contact and the number in the groups.

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Private Coaching Sessions

Session Details

The private sessions are conducted throughout the year, including the school holidays. These sessions are normally arranged by appointment and can be one, or a block booking of a number of sessions, if a number are booked, a discount will be applied.

The sessions are designed to the throwers needs and a written report will be provided either after the session, or sent to the client by e-mail soon after.


The Service

I also offer e-coaching, this is an option for either the athlete, or coach to utilize. Often athletes are unable to receive specialist throws coaching in the area they live, or a coach would value a second option on the technical competence of their athletes, additionally advise on an appropriate progressive strength and conditioning program that prepares the athlete for the demands of their event.

How It Works

Just send me your video footage via e-mail, or mail direct to me a CD. I will analyze your images and send back to you (quickly) by electronic document my detailed analysis with a prescriptive fault/correction measures, additionally you can then ask me further questions, and of course send additional film after you have applied the measures I have suggested.

This assessment can be a ‘one off’ or a yearly, bi yearly service.


The costs for these services would be reflected in the above, please contact me for more details.