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Hammer side view 04/18/2011

 See 300lb weight throw



 Hammer Training 11/23/2011 Leftside View

Hammer Training 11/23/2011 Rear View

Hammer Training 11/23/2011 Rightside View



Age: 69



Place of Birth: Boston, MA


University: Dartmouth College


Track Club: Florida A.C.


Personal Bests:


2010:Hammer 44.75m, Weight: 19.00m

2011: Hammer 47.38m, Weight: 18.10m


Events: Hammer, Weight Throw


Accomplishments in Track & Field to Date:

2-time WMA World Champion in weight

4-time World Masters Games Champion in Hammer and Weight

18-time National Masters Champion in Hammer, Weight and Ultra Weight Pentathlon


Goals for 2011:

Win WMA Hammer and/or

Weight championship (or at least get a medal. It

will be my last outdoor world championship

before turning 70.)


Athlete most admired and why:

My father. He made the 1936 Olympic team and refused to go to Berlin because of the Holocaust.